My name is Barbara, I’m 74. I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania, on a dairy farm. Went to a one-room schoolhouse, we didn’t even have plumbing. I studied biology and plant pathology, and I was a nurse. I met Dr. Dorn when we worked in hospice together.

I have Parkinson’s, chronic pain, and a tremor which runs in our family. It affects my voice, my jaw, my hands, my head. And in the past I’ve tried medications. I could have drunk alcohol heavily, that usually helps, but that wasn’t an option for me for obvious reasons. And I also have pretty bad back, which continued to get worse from being a nurse. It got to the point where the tremor prevented me from drawing blood, drawing up medications, feeding myself without embarrassment, and so forth and so on.

I thought CBD oil might help, because it’s used for children with seizures, and I had been taking a seizure medicine. It’s only been about 6 months but it really seems to be working. At first I didn’t know that it was helping that much better, but then I ran out for almost two weeks and realized, “oh my back hurts worse, my hands shake worse.” So I realized it was helping a great deal more than then I had appreciated.

At one time during my “kick up my heels” years after my divorce, I did date a person who smoked marijuana regularly, and it was a problem because he would have memory lapses and things like that. But I knew after having researched this that that wasn’t going to be an issue, because the THC part of my formula is a low THC, so it doesn’t make you high or any of that sort of thing, and I wasn’t worried about it affecting my memory. I encourage people to try medical cannabis, because it might even benefit them more than me. I tend to be resistant to things.
*This testimonial is based on a transcript from this video testimonial.