Kathryn, 54
Jacksonville Beach

– 5 months on medical cannabis
– PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Celiac Disease, chronic pain, sleeping problems
– Previously treated with traditional pain medication

I moved to Jacksonville, FL to get new start in life and the fact that the Mayo Clinic was close (I thought would be good for me), was a deciding factor to move.

I started going to the clinic in Jacksonville Beach and the staff there is so very helpful and really do want to help everyone that comes into their office. I wanted to get off prescription medication, as I have Celiac Disease and sleeping problems since I lost my spouse.

I have been using medical marijuana to combat PTSD and chronic pain. I was using prescription medicine in pill form, 4 times a day to manage my pain and 3 pills at night to manage my sleeping problems. But since taking medical marijuana, I am almost down to not taking any pills at all. This had been a great help to also manage the stress level and anxiety issues as well.

I have been sleeping better and feel more rested in the morning. Since starting medical marijuana, I am able to concentrate/focus more at work.

If you can qualify for medical marijuana, I think you should go the nearest MMTC and seek help and get information on what types of the medical marijuana is for you, as there are so many different forms and strands to help. I still haven’t found a strand that helps me eat more, but I’m still working on that and maybe in the next few months I will be able to eat more.

Medical marijuana had truly been a blessing for me, plus it is healthier on my organs and my blood work is better since I stopped taking the medicines for my pain and sleeping issues.

A really good plus is that the staff at the dispensaries are very helpful to get you the right medical marijuana for what you need.