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MMTC St. Petersburg

$199 Initial In-office Assessment   •   $199 Follow-Up   •   Click here to see current discounts


$199 Initial In-office Assessment
$199 Follow-Up
Click here to see current discounts

Schedule an appointment at this location below. Additional dates and times are also available by contacting us at (850) 906-5000. Patients must be 18 or older.

St. Petersburg Location Address

4743 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

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Mmtc st. petersburg

Jeffrey Leimbacher MD

About the Doctor

Dr. Jeffrey Leimbacher practices medicine in Largo, Florida, and has privileges with HCA Medical Center Hospital. He received his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 30 years. He is board certified in both family practice and emergency medicine.

Dr. Jeffrey Leimbacher currently oversees our St. Petersburg location.

Mmtc st. petersburg

Medical Marijuana & Wellness Webinars

Weekly education events, live from your phone or computer!

Improving Sleep with Medical Marijuana

Weds. June 7, 6pm EST

Neuropathy and Medical Marijuana

Weds. June 14, 6pm EST

Cancer, Chemotherapy, and Medical Marijuana

Weds. June 21, 6pm EST

Medical Marijuana Dosing

Weds. June 28, 6pm EST


Veteran Discount

Veterans Discount

10% discount

  • MMTC offers a 10% discount to veterans on medical marijuana clinic services.
  • Applies to all MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

St. Petersburg Patient Testimonials

T.M., 53, St. Petersburg

T.M., 53
St. Petersburg Medical Marijuana Doctor

– 5 months on medical cannabis
– Neuropathy‎, blood disorder, panic disorder, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes
– Previously treated with opiates

I sought pain relief from opiates for more 12 years, per my neurologist. They were doing no good for my pain nor my health, more habit than relief. I have multiple disorders and am completely disabled, unable to work. I began to realize the pain killers were killing me, not the pain, and slowing me down.

I have long believed in the medical uses of marijuana. If only our state government and federal government would just stay out of it. I learned to listen to body and it tells me what works for what hurts, and pills only kill people, it only delays the pain and harms the body where natural herbal treatment has helped from day ONE! No side effects, I am still working on finding the right levels for me, but that will come in time, for now it is working better than any pill ever did.

I found it disheartening to have lost my younger brother in 2001 to opiates at his age of 31, after his abuse and overdose I began to wonder if Florida was ever going to see the truth of natural remedies for pain are much better and effective at controlling the pain. I haven’t ever heard of overdosing on pot. In my opinion it’s more than just good for pain, but does not affect the bodily functions as do many other drugs. It has only helped through and through, finally relief I can believe in.

Thank you. No more opiates. I have a blood disorder, panic disorder, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. My day starts with pain and my activity is limited, yet I’m lucky to still be here, at least I’ve found something good in natural medicine rather than poppy seed derivatives or worse. I worked in field service for 16 years after five years of communications electronics working on the bench to component level design and test. I needed movement in my day! Now I’m lucky to to still be able to walk. I do have diabetes, and the neuropathy came from massive blood clot pulmonary, COPD, etc. Cannabis is certainly been the best treatment for my condition so far without a doubt.


S.B.B., 78, St. Petersburg

S.B. 78
St. Petersburg Medical Marijuana Clinic

– 3 months on medical cannabis
– Cancer
– Previously treated with traditional pain medication

For the past three years I have been plagued with physical problems after leading a very healthy lifestyle with no problems at all. Diagnosed with cancer and three days later was told to have back surgery. In additions to that I was diagnosed with neuropathy in both legs. Saw several physicians and neurologists. The pain in my back and legs was excruciating. Tried all the mainstream medicine. ALL of them made me loopy and miserable. Tried medical marijuana and tried all sorts of combination thinking THC was the answer to my pain. Didn’t happen. Got very frustrated and as a last resort I tried a 40:1 combination, with CBD being the dominant ingredient. Instant relief for night time sleep. Still working a combination to use during the day without out making me sleepy. Pain never goes away completely but i can say the pain is down by about 30 to 40%.

Steve R., 51

Steve R., 51
St. Petersburg Medical Marijuana Doctor

– 7 months on medical cannabis
– Osteoporosis

For years I lived with chronic neck and back pain. I sought out treatment with medical cannabis for the pain. The processing was taxing but worth it. After my first treatment I noticed a difference right away. I had no side effects and was able to fully function. I suggest you try it and change your life.

Edward, 47, St. Petersburg

Edward, 47
St. Petersburg Medical Marijuana Clinic

– 1 year on medical cannabis
– PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), high blood pressure

I had been raised in a household where my father lost a son to drugs. We were told all about the the horrors of marijuana and I looked down on anyone that used it. Later in life I was diagnosed with PTSD, high blood pressure and severe vision loss related to stress. The doctor made some recommendations but nothing really seemed to be working and I had several recurrences which caused further retinal damage. Desperate, I decided to try [medical marijuana] recommended by my doctor. Relief was quick and long lasting. After a year of treatment, my blood pressure is lower, my stress level has decreased and despite having several relapses my condition has stabilized. Best of all the only medication I have had to take through all of this is cannabis! I feel very fortunate to live within the state of Florida and have access via MMTC. Thank you!

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