How Much Does a Medical Marijuana Card Cost in Florida?

Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of FL (MMTCFL) takes great pride in offering affordable medical marijuana evaluations. With locations throughout the state of Florida, obtaining a medical marijuana card has never been more convenient! Find out if you qualify by taking our initial survey. If you or a loved one suffer from a qualifying condition, contact an experienced medical marijuana doctor in Florida.

How Much Does it Cost to See a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Florida?

Our goal is for patients to be able to afford to see a medical marijuana doctor and get a medical marijuana evaluation. Check with your doctor to see if you are eligible for medical marijuana treatment during this exam. Medical marijuana can treat a variety of conditions, including HIV, arthritis, back pain, ALS, anxiety, epilepsy, migraines, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, parkinson's disease, cancer, PTSD, and more. Florida law also allows your doctor to determine if you qualify with a condition they determine to be similar to a listed condition.

Will health insurance cover medical marijuana in florida?

If you are not sure you qualify, but think medical cannabis may improve your chronic health condition, it is worth your time to have your records evaluated by a qualified physician.  Evaluations are zero risk at MMTC clinics, as we never charge a patient who does not qualify. 

It's critical to realize that neither the initial purchase of medical marijuana nor any subsequent treatments will be covered by your health insurance. The cost of medical marijuana examinations in Florida is not uniform, so the amount you'll have to pay varies from clinic to clinic. Typical annual costs for physician certifications in Florida range from $350-600 per year.

MMTCFL specializes in medical marijuana exams, and we provide extensive education and ongoing patient support.  This is critical for patients looking to maximize the therapeutic benefit of medical cannabis. Our visits are $398 annually.  We are proud to offer a 10% discount to any veteran. Please keep in mind, this price does not include the $75 fee to the State of Florida.

What is the State Fee for Getting a Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

The Florida Department of Health will issue a patient's medical marijuana card for $75, which can be paid in cash or by credit card. The annual fee for this card is $75. Using medical marijuana has additional costs, and those costs can add up for a patient, but for many patients, especially those who have been struggling with pain or a chronic condition for a long time, it's worth the investment. Those additional costs typically include products obtained from the medical marijuana dispensaries throughout Florida.

If you have a Florida medical marijuana card, you'll have access to the state's medical marijuana dispensaries, where you can get medical cannabis or low-THC cannabis, depending on your condition.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card Near Me in Florida

First of all, feel free to watch our video on How to Get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a qualifying condition for medical cannabis, contact an experienced medical marijuana doctor today to schedule your initial consultation!