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Fort Walton Location Address

109-d Racetrack Road NE
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

This clinic is located in Beltway Plaza.

Medical marijuana treatment clinic in pensacola, florida

Michelle Beasley MD

About the North Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Michelle Beasley is a North Florida medical marijuana doctor, and the first medical doctor in Pensacola to accept new patients for treatment with medical marijuana. Currently she is most commonly treating patients with cancer, muscle spasms, and seizures, but is qualified and specially trained to work with patients with other conditions. Dr. Beasley has a background as a practicing pediatrician.

Dr. Beasley brought her previous medical marijuana practice under the MMTC umbrella and now oversees our Pensacola location as a Pensacola medical marijuana doctor.

Medical marijuana treatment clinic in pensacola, florida


Veteran Discount

Veterans Discount

10% discount

  • MMTC offers a 10% discount to veterans on medical marijuana clinic services.
  • Applies to all MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

Fort Walton Beach Patient Testimonials

Heather, 33 Fort Walton

Heather, 33
Fort Walton Beach Medical Marijuana Clinic
Fort Walton Beach Medical Marijuana Doctor

– Epilepsy

Dealing with Epilepsy can be hard and knowing that there is another route besides pills is great for me. If I feel that I may have a seizure coming on, I take C.B.D and it helps to stop my upcoming seizure. It can also help with the pain that I feel after I have a seizure. I put off getting my Medical Marijuana card for a while, but I am really glad that I ended up getting it.


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