Both new and existing medical marijuana patients can benefit from regular communication from their physician. When you’re first considering cannabis as a treatment option, your medical marijuana physician is there to offer guidance and knowledge every step of the way. Even the experienced cannabis user would benefit from speaking with their physician about new product offerings and dosage combinations.

Communication with your medical marijuana doctor doesn’t stop once you secure your ID card. Ongoing communication is key to ensure a safe and effective treatment plan with cannabis.

Tips for communicating with your medical marijuana physician:

Be Honest

As a new patient, you may be nervous speaking with a physician about medical marijuana. When you choose a facility specializing in medical marijuana treatment like MMTCFL, there’s no reason to be nervous or shy. It is our goal to help you find relief from your qualifying condition through cannabis. It is essential to be honest about your health and lifestyle so that we can determine if cannabis is a safe option for you. Never be afraid to tell your physician if you’ve had previous positive experiences using marijuana to treat your condition. You cannot get in trouble for being honest with your physician about your history.

Existing patients need to be honest about how their medical marijuana treatment is working for them. Never feel like you have to hide the amount of cannabis you are using or your reactions to it. Being frank with your physician will help them give you better treatment recommendations based on dosage and product variations.

Be Thorough

When speaking with your physician about your condition, it is important to be thorough about your medical history, including what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. Discuss your short-term and long-term expectations for treatment to help your physician better understand why cannabis interests you and if it may be able to help you find relief.

If you’re an existing patient, you want to be thorough when explaining your medical marijuana experiences. Tracking your dosages are a big part of this. Your physician can only help you determine the appropriate dose of THC and CBD if you are honest and detailed.

Be Educated

Please do your research on medical marijuana in order to maximize your conversation with your physician. Make sure your condition qualifies for treatment and that you believe this treatment may be right for you. If  you’ve done your research, you can often greatly increase the effectiveness of your recommended therapy!

At MMTCFL, we can determine if you are eligible for medical marijuana and help you get your Florida medical marijuana registration card. Get started with medical marijuana today by taking our online eligibility survey.