As a medical marijuana patient, it is important to note that there are more options in your treatment plan than THC. Many beneficial marijuana products will also contain CBD, another component found in the cannabis plant. While both THC and CBD are cannabinoids, they are very different in how they affect the body.

Rather than searching for a higher THC level, many medical marijuana patients greatly benefit from products containing lower THC levels and higher levels of CBD. Like all medical marijuana treatments, dosing can vary from person to person, and we recommend starting low and increasing slow.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

One of the main differences between THC and CBD is its psychoactive components. THC is what produces the “high” associated with medical marijuana, while CBD has no psychoactive ingredients at all. In most cases, CBD has little to no effect on how the user physically feels.

Another difference between CBD and THC is its legality in Florida. To consume THC in Florida, you must be a medical marijuana patient with an active ID card. CBD, however, can be purchased without any legal prerequisites.

Benefits of combining THC and CBD

While CBD doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects, it still has plenty of therapeutic properties. CBD is a safe, nonaddictive substance that can help with anxiety, sleep, and inflammation in the body. THC inhibits neuronal transmission in pain pathways, which is why medical marijuana, with both CBD for inflammation and THC for pain relief,  is such a great treatment for patients with chronic pain.

Taking CBD and THC together creates an “Entourage Effect,” where each cannabis compound enhances the natural properties of the other cannabis compounds in the body. The Entourage Effect creates stronger and more diverse therapeutic effects than taking THC or CBD alone. In fact, CBD reduces the intoxicating side effects of THC, which allows for more effective dosing when they are combined.

Before your next trip to the dispensary, think about the benefits of adding CBD to your THC treatment. If you suffer from a qualifying condition, MMTCFL can help you get started with medical marijuana. Get started with medical marijuana today by taking our online eligibility survey.