You may have considered medical marijuana as a treatment option if you’re suffering from a chronic condition. Medical marijuana is approved in Florida for a variety of conditions, including anxiety, back pain, PTSD, migraines and more. If you’re thinking about speaking with your physician about medical marijuana, here are some questions to keep in mind.

Does my condition qualify for medical marijuana?

One of the first things you want to know as a patient is if your condition qualifies for medical marijuana. In Florida, there are a variety of conditions that make a person eligible for medical marijuana. Prospective patients may view the entire list here: qualifying conditions.

In addition to the qualifying conditions, the State also allows physicians to determine whether you suffer from a condition of a similar type as those on the qualifying conditions list.  This greatly expands the potential for patients to obtain relief from a wide range of chronic conditions.

At MMTCFL, we can determine if you are eligible for medical marijuana during your initial consultation. Your first appointment is 100% risk-free, meaning that you will not be charged for the appointment if you don’t qualify for treatment.

How is medical marijuana administered?

Unlike traditional medications, there is more than one way to take medical marijuana. At first, it may be overwhelming to hear the different methods of ingestion, but your physician can provide you with their recommendations. Some of the most popular ways to consume medical marijuana in Florida include sublingual oils, vaporizers, capsules and edibles.

What are the possible side effects of medical marijuana?

Like any medication, there are side effects associated with medical marijuana. However, most of the side effects are generally mild and short-term. These may include dry mouth, red eyes, fatigue and hunger. If your physician decides to prescribe medical marijuana, it is because they believe the benefits far outweigh any possible side effects.

You should always feel comfortable reaching out to your medical marijuana physician regarding any adverse side effects or concerns.

Will medical marijuana interfere with my current medications?

Drug interactions are a common concern for patients. When you speak with your physician about medical marijuana, bring a list of all current medications so they can assess any possible interactions.

Does my insurance cover medical marijuana?

Unfortunately, medical marijuana is not covered by health insurance in the state of Florida. However, MMTCFL clinics offer competitive pricing for appointments and discounts to help make medical marijuana more affordable for all. At MMTCFL, we specialize in medical marijuana treatments. We can determine if you are eligible for medical marijuana and help you get your medical marijuana registration card. Get started with medical marijuana today by taking our online eligibility survey.