Unlike other prescription medications, patients get to choose their own dosages of medical marijuana. A medical marijuana physician may recommend an appropriate THC dose, but the patient gets to increase their dose as needed for their condition and lifestyle. Not every patient will have the same reactions to medical marijuana, especially with different consumption methods, so treatments need to be easily modified.

At MMTCFL, we always recommend starting low and going slow when beginning medical marijuana treatment. Even if you’ve been exposed to cannabis before, medical marijuana may affect your body differently. Tracking your dosages will provide you and your physician with the information needed to continue having a safe and effective experience with medical marijuana.

Cannabis is a form of personalized medicine, meaning that it may take some experimentation to find your preferred dose and product. Even then, your body may adjust to the treatment and require more THC, different THC/CBD combinations, or a different strain altogether.

By tracking your dosages and products used, you may notice patterns in your treatment plan. Perhaps oils are more effective than edibles for your condition, or lower THC with higher CBD made you feel more comfortable. Tracking your dosages can help you find relief from your symptoms faster.

There are countless combinations of THC dosages and product types. If you don’t track your usage, you may not remember that perfect combination that made you feel better quicker. Dosage tracking can also save you money by lowering the number of ineffective products that you buy. For example, if you learn that edibles did not grant you the relief you wanted in the time frame you desired, you know not to make the mistake of purchasing it again.

If you’ve been tracking your dosages for a few months and still have trouble finding the perfect medical marijuana treatment for you, bring your dosage sheet to your medical marijuana physician. They may be able to assess your situation and offer insight into a new cannabis treatment option.

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