S.B. 78
St. Petersburg Medical Marijuana Clinic

– 3 months on medical cannabis
– Cancer
– Previously treated with traditional pain medication

For the past three years I have been plagued with physical problems after leading a very healthy lifestyle with no problems at all. Diagnosed with cancer and three days later was told to have back surgery. In additions to that I was diagnosed with neuropathy in both legs. Saw several physicians and neurologists. The pain in my back and legs was excruciating. Tried all the mainstream medicine. ALL of them made me loopy and miserable. Tried medical marijuana and tried all sorts of combination thinking THC was the answer to my pain. Didn’t happen. Got very frustrated and as a last resort I tried a 40:1 combination, with CBD being the dominant ingredient. Instant relief for night time sleep. Still working a combination to use during the day without out making me sleepy. Pain never goes away completely but i can say the pain is down by about 30 to 40%.