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Christy, 39
Pensacola Medical Marijuana Doctor

– 3 months on medical cannabis
– Epilepsy
– Previously treated with pharmaceuticals for seizures, brain surgery, VNS

The medical marijuana has helped some. I’ve still been having seizures but have noticed when I use the product, it helps with my recovery time. I’ve had epilepsy for 20 years and have been on every medication made for seizures, have had brain surgery and a VNS, and still am having seizures. I use the nasal, drops, and vape. Although I’m not having near as many [seizures] as I was, I don’t understand why it hasn’t stopped them completely. I was hoping this would be my cure-all and it hasn’t been yet. On TV they would show parents giving their children drops of MM and they come right out of the seizure and back to normal. Maybe I am not doing it enough, I don’t know? Just wonder if there is anybody else still having seizures while on this.