About Smoking Medical Marijuana in Florida

Smokeable Flower in Florida 

    • Governor approved March 18, 2019Smoking medical marijuana in florida
    • House passes SB 182 March 13, 2019
      • Once the Florida Senate passed Florida SB 182, the Florida House of Representatives passed the bill on 3/13/19 which allows smokable forms of medical marijuana.

Regulations for Smoking Medical Marijuana in Florida

    • Physician reviews risk of smoking vs. other forms of dosing
    • Patient signs a consent form and physician must submit additional reports
    • 2.5oz allowed every 35 days
    • May possess no more than 4oz at any given time


Smoking Medical Marijuana in Florida FAQ


Do I need a referral from my doctor?

Yes. If you are a Florida Medical Marijuana patient and wish to have the smokable form of marijuana, a qualified physician must submit specified documentation to the Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine once they have determined that smoking is an appropriate route of administration for said patient. The exception to this, according to State Bill 182, are patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal condition.

Will it Interfere with my current medication?

Each individual is different and each medication may react differently with medical marijuana. MMTCFL recommends reviewing your current medications with your doctor before consuming medical marijuana.

Will my insurance cover medical marijuana?

In short, no. Unfortunately, since marijuana is still not an FDA-approved drug and is considered a controlled substance by the Federal Government, insurance providers are unable to cover medical marijuana.

What dosage form should I choose? 

Once you schedule your appointment with one of our qualified physicians, your doctor will review the various administrative routes with you and be able to recommend which form of medical marijuana may produce the best results to treat your specific conditions.

What is my Dose?

While the State of Florida does put limits on the amount milligrams of THC a patient may purchase in a given period, there is no “dose” limit. Each patient and condition is different and each patient will react to medical marijuana differently. It is important to review these questions with your qualified doctor and remember to start small. You can always add more to your system, but you cannot remove it from your system once consumed.

How soon should I see results? 

As previously stated, each patient is different and the effects of medical marijuana will vary for each patient. Furthermore, the route of administration will impact the time the medicine takes to take effect. Oral ingestion will typically take longer than inhalation.

Will I lose my concealed weapons permit? 

According to Criminal Defense Attorney Don Pumphrey, Jr., the Federal Restrictions currently involve the purchase of firearms under Federal law. The State, who would have issued the medical marijuana card, has jurisdiction over granting Carry and Concealed permits and can revoke these at any time. The problem arises in the purchasing of new firearms and these laws should not prevent continued ownership of any firearms.

Can I travel with Medical Cannabis? 

Medical Cannabis is still considered a controlled substance by the Federal Government. As a result, you may travel throughout Florida with your medicine, and some states, such as Arizona, offer reciprocity to patients from other states. However, due to the federal laws, traveling between states with your medicine is considered illegal and is not recommended.