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My name is Emily, I’m 32, and I’ve always been a nurse by trade. I had seen some limited use of medical cannabis with hospice patients, and really saw the pain management differences and how their quality of life improved. It opened my mind to possibilities with myself.

I’m treated for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and shrinking lung syndrome. I was initially diagnosed at age 16 and went with pretty traditional treatments up until [6 months ago]. I couldn’t function well enough to play with my 7-year-old son, or spend time with family and friends. I was on some pretty heavy-duty pain medicine.

With the medical cannabis and coming off of all the narcotics and opioids, I’m able to function as more so myself these days. My pulmonary function tests have changed drastically. My diffusion capacity went from 0.14% to about 85% within the last year, so we’re hoping to get me back to work within the next year depending on how this process goes.

I was nervous going in, and I saw Dr. Dorn, and it was just a wonderful experience. My pain levels and such will go up as I’m needing the medication, but there aren’t any withdrawals or bad side effects. I don’t get shaky, I don’t get chills, I don’t get nauseous, like I would with the oxycontin or the fentanyl. I’m much more able to do the things that I want to do, rather than being drugged out all the time and not feeling up to doing anything.
*This testimonial is based on a transcript from this video testimonial.