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Edward, 47
St. Petersburg Medical Marijuana Clinic

– 1 year on medical cannabis
– PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), high blood pressure

I had been raised in a household where my father lost a son to drugs. We were told all about the the horrors of marijuana and I looked down on anyone that used it. Later in life I was diagnosed with PTSD, high blood pressure and severe vision loss related to stress. The doctor made some recommendations but nothing really seemed to be working and I had several recurrences which caused further retinal damage. Desperate, I decided to try [medical marijuana] recommended by my doctor. Relief was quick and long lasting. After a year of treatment, my blood pressure is lower, my stress level has decreased and despite having several relapses my condition has stabilized. Best of all the only medication I have had to take through all of this is cannabis! I feel very fortunate to live within the state of Florida and have access via MMTC. Thank you!