Whether you just got your Florida medical marijuana ID card or you are exploring new marijuana products, edibles may certainly be on your mind. These tasty options for medical marijuana consumption are being reviewed and will soon be approved by the State of Florida, adding edibles to the list of medical marijuana treatment options.

What are edibles?

Edibles are forms of marijuana that are meant to be consumed. They may come in the form of snacks, gummies, foods, ingredients, or other infused treats. They provide the same effective and safe medicinal effects as other medical marijuana products without the need for smoking, vaping, or rubbing. Like all medical marijuana products, edibles may come in different strains and doses.

How edibles differ from other marijuana products

Consuming edibles offer a quick and discreet way to attain the appropriate dose of marijuana. However, unlike smoking, vaping, or using oils, the effects of edibles may not be noticeable right away. Because the body has to break down the edible in the stomach, the effects may take longer than marijuana absorbed by the lungs or skin. This also means that the effects of edibles may last longer than other marijuana products.

Depending on the individual, the effects of edibles may last 5-6 hours. Dosing can vary widely, depending on product, and as with all products, start low and go slow. Trial-and-error is an essential part of the medical marijuana process. As you try different products at different doses, you will find the optimal product or combination of products that suit your needs.

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