Florida is a popular destination for snowbirds, and for good reasons! The weather is excellent, the beaches are beautiful, and the restaurants and hospitality are top-notch. However, while you are on vacation in the Sunshine State, the last thing you want is for your medical condition to flare up.

Fortunately, medical marijuana is an option for Florida seasonal residents. If you have a qualifying medical condition and can prove seasonal residency, medical marijuana may be the answer you are looking for. But what exactly does being a seasonal resident mean, and how can you go about getting medical marijuana in Florida?


What Is a Seasonal Resident of Florida?

To be considered a seasonal resident of Florida, you must:

  • Reside in Florida for at least 31 consecutive days during each calendar year
  • Maintain a temporary residence in Florida
  • Return to the state of your permanent residence at least once during each calendar year
  • Pay income tax or be registered to vote in another state

If you meet all of the above criteria, you may be considered a seasonal resident of Florida. Proving seasonal residency is a necessary step in getting your Florida medical marijuana card. Before being approved for a medical marijuana card, you must have all the documentation required to prove you are a seasonal resident.


How Can I Prove Seasonal Residency in Florida?

When it comes to proving seasonal residency in Florida, there are a few different ways you can do it. Permanent Florida residents are required to provide a driver’s license or state ID card, but seasonal residents have a few more options. To prove seasonal residency in Florida, you may submit two of the following documents:

  • A deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, or mortgage payment booklet
  • A utility bill no older than 60 days
  • A work order or utility hookup order dated within two months prior to registration in the medical use registry
  • Mail from a financial institution no older than 60 days
  • Mail from a state, federal, county, or municipal government agency no older than 60 days

In addition, a seasonal resident’s parent, legal guardian, or anyone with whom the seasonal resident resides may provide proof of residency. However, the person with whom the seasonal resident resides must submit a statement verifying that they reside together. Check with your medical marijuana doctor to ensure you have all the necessary documentation before making an appointment.


How Snowbirds Can Get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Once you are able to provide proof of residency, you may then get your Florida medical marijuana card. The first step is to find a medical marijuana doctor in Florida who can evaluate your condition and determine if medical marijuana is right for you.

Once you have found a medical marijuana doctor, you will need to make an appointment and bring all the necessary documentation, including proof of residency. After your medical marijuana doctor has evaluated you and determined that medical marijuana is right for you, they will enter your information into the medical marijuana use registry.

After you have been entered into the medical marijuana use registry, you may be able to obtain your Florida medical marijuana card. With your medical marijuana card, you can purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary in Florida. You can typically visit a dispensary the same day as your doctor’s appointment, so relief isn’t far away! 


Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Florida

To be eligible for medical marijuana in Florida, you must be a permanent or seasonal state resident and be at least 21 years old. In addition, you must have a qualifying condition that medical marijuana has been proven to treat. Qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Florida include:

The above conditions are just a few qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Florida. A more comprehensive list of qualifying conditions can be found by clicking here. If you think medical marijuana may be right for you, be sure to speak with your medical marijuana doctor.


Schedule a Visit with a Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor

If you are a seasonal resident of Florida looking for relief from a qualifying condition, Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida can help. We will assist you in determining if medical marijuana is right for you and help you obtain your Florida medical marijuana card. Schedule an appointment today and get started on your journey to finding relief.