You may have heard of the “munchies,” a common side effect of marijuana use where the individual experiences an enhanced appetite. This phenomenon occurs due to the chemical reaction in the brain to THC, one of the main cannabinoids in cannabis. Due to this produced sensation, marijuana use was originally associated with weight gain. 

However, as the use of medical marijuana becomes more prevalent and accepted in society, studies have shown that marijuana use may actually help patients experience healthy weight loss. 

The Relationship Between Marijuana and Weight Loss

As of May 2021, 36 states and four territories have legalized the medical use of cannabis products. As both medical and recreational marijuana become legalized around the country, more and more studies may help us better understand the effects of marijuana and all of its cannabinoids. Fortunately, in the last ten years, researchers have already conducted a considerable amount of studies pertaining to cannabis use and weight loss. 

In 2011, the American Journal of Epidemiology sought to study the link between obesity and cannabis users. In the study of over 43,000 individuals, researchers estimated that obesity levels would be higher in cannabis users than nonusers due to evidence that marijuana can stimulate appetite. However, their findings revealed the opposite: among the general population, cannabis users were less likely to be obese than individuals who do not use marijuana.

Since then, other studies have reinforced this discovery. In particular, a Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research study found that consistent marijuana use is associated with a lower Body Mass Index (BMI). 

How Marijuana May Cause Weight Loss

Experts studying the link between marijuana and weight loss have a few theories on how the two may be linked.

Marijuana Increases Mobility

Medical cannabis is often prescribed to relieve pain and stiffness, which means that patients may be more active after marijuana use due to improved functionality. 

Marijuana Reduces Alcohol Intake

Oftentimes, cannabis users drink less alcohol than their counterparts who do not use marijuana. As a result, individuals tend to consume fewer calories from alcoholic beverages. 

Cannabis Lowers Stress

Studies indicate that elevated levels of stress place an individual at greater risk to overeat or rely on comfort food. Medical marijuana can be used to diminish stress and anxiety, thereby decreasing the need to stress-eat. 

Cannabis Improves Sleep 

An adequate amount of quality sleep is essential to healthy metabolic rates. Marijuana has been found to enhance your quality of sleep, which may help prevent weight gain. 

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